Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's MY Birthday!!

I just spent 2 weeks in the hospital and I got home just in time to celebrate my 35th birthday!  Instead of celebrating for the day, we have decided just to celebrate it through the weekend.  I totally agree with that!! Friday night, we grilled out with our neighboors (The Bunkers).  I must change names to protect the inoccent and the guilty. I have to say, we love them.  Our children are just like brothers and sisters.  Mrs. Bunker made me strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing.(!!).   Billy (family buddy w/ 3 kids) came over to suprise me with a gift and a birthday cake!  After supper, my husband brings in a big white box! Guess what ?? another CAKE!!  Do I have to tell you how happy the kids were?  We all stayed up late and ate cake.  It is so hard to do breathing treatments and the vest when your stomach is so full.

This morning, I got a call from across the street (The Wilsons) wanting me to come over and look at a new piece of furniture.  I walked through the door only to be suprised by a number of my friends yelling "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!!!  We sat down and had CAKE...(#4) and lots of other goodies with punch. After celebrating again, I left to go watch my son play Upward basketball at the church.  **Shout out to my son*** MAN YOU PLAYED A GREAT GAME.. I'm a very proud mom!

So how do you end two great days of celebrating a birthday?  {CRAWFISH}  My sweet husband is outside getting ready to throw them in the pot!  So this will be another night with the Bunkers, Billy, and no telling who else will end sucking the heads!

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  1. Hey Girl! So glad you are joining the blog world! Glad to see you made it home in time for your birthday weekend. Happy Birthday! Mine is tomorrow - big 32!

    I will have to email you and catch you up on the craziness of my CF life right now...I am telling you that you won't believe - most can't.

    Stay in touch...add you to my follow list!