Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why do I blog?

I have finally decided after a few months of being coerced by a great CF friend to start a blog.  I finally made the choice to write this because of my son.  I am writing in hopes that one day he can go back and remember all the fun times that otherwise he might have forgotten.  I also want my husband to read about what joy he brings to my life.  I'm just blogging so that one day when my Heavenly Father calls me home, they will be able to read and know what an impact they have made in my life.


  1. I found you! Welcome to the bloggy world! Don't forget to post your link on CysticLife. Oh, and Happy Birthday!!!

  2. I'd say that's one of the best reasons I've ever heard to start a blog!!! I look forward to reading it :)