Sunday, August 22, 2010

I am a horrible blogger..UPDATE

WOW...I really had good intentions when I started this, but I have really failed at it. 
I will try and fill in the blanks:

I went in the hospital back in March and May.  I stayed 2 weeks each time.  I started Cayston as soon as it hit the shelves.  I have had really great results since I began taking it.  I went to clinic in July and my PFT's were higher then they have been in 2 years.  YAH!!! {JuMpInG}

Skywalker finshed 3rd grade the end of May. {SMILES} G.I. Joe was away for work the following week.  When G.I. Joe got home he had  BIG news to was NOT good all...G.I. Joe's National Guard Unit received it's alert orders for deployment.  {CRY...SCREAM...YELL} O.K. I was really mad!!! 

In June, we took our annual family vacation to Florida for the week.  We had a wonderful time.  We went with all of my family and my best friend and her family also went.  What a blast...tons of kids!!! The best food...sunny days on the beach with friends and family!   Oh, yeah...I took tons of great pictures!

I would have to say June was the most important month of my LIFE!!! YES... I said "MY LIFE!!!!!"  Skywalker made his public profession of faith.  OH....WOW...WOW...Do I have to say how G.I. and I were feeling that day.  I cried...cried...and cried ...tears of joy....!!! As a mom, I felt so assured that God was taking care of my life...!!

During June and July, my health was super.!!!!!!!!! {SMILES}  I was able to walk stairs and not even get short of breath.

In July, Skywalker made baseball All-Stars.  PROUD MOM!!!! We stayed at the baseball field night and day.  We traveled for tournaments and had alot of fun.  G.I. Joe was gone away for summer camp out of state for 2 weeks...{YUCK}

July 4th was a wonderful day in our home.  Skywalker was baptized that morning!  I couldn't sing my praises loud enough...for the world to know what a proud mom I was...He amazes me daily with his sweetness.  He was so excited about living his life for God!!!!!!!!!!!!

The beginning of August started school for Skywalker.  I hate having him away all day long.  I miss him so bad.   I miss the mornings where we stayed in the bed late and watched t.v. together.  I miss the long days at the pool together.  There were days he would ask me to take a nap with him.  We never went to sleep, but we laid in the bed and talked and watched t.v all afternoon...Boy...those are the best days.!!!

Who am I, Lord that You take notice of me?  I cannot believe that You love me the way You do.  Though I don't understand, I do accept Your gracious love, and I am thankful from the depths of my soul..Amen

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