Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tune Up TIme

Well...I am back at Club Med.  I have to sure feels good to know that I have not been in the hospital for quite some time.  I started feeling tight in my chest and was SOB.  G.I. Joe is staying with me through the weekend, but has to be at work on Monday.  Mom and Dad have Skywalker, so he is king of the castle for the stay.  I am so blessed to have amazing parents that love Skywalker they way they do.  I came in on Wed. so I pray my meds with work really fast this trip.  I want to be home by next Friday. We have our 1st home football game of the season.  I sure don't want to miss the quarterback (my nephew) play a great game.!!  G.I. Joe and Skywalker will be dove hunting all weekend, but I have to be home to see the doves they kill and to hear the great stories they tell.  I am also in need of a cookout with my friends.  I am sure we can get it all done for the Laor Day Holiday.
PFT's 54/38 admit....not bad...

According to Webster.... {happiness actually means.. a pleasurable or satisfying experience.} 
But I know this for sure; happiness is a choice. Money doesn’t buy happiness. Waiting something to happen doesn’t create happiness. Only God alone can provide us long-term happiness.  God offers us much better things to pursuit –JOY.  It offers peace of mind. It gives confidence  because it’s a gift from God. 
**I read today that... The root of your happiness is your joy. Don’t let anybody steal your joy.’ Real joy is more than happiness.

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