Friday, February 5, 2010

HAPPY day...

I woke up this morning being a mom to a birthday boy. Our little gift from God turns 9 today.  When I married G.I. Joe, I really thought that I didn't  want children.  I think I had just been told so many times that it was so hard for women with CF to get pregnant. I had also been told that it would start a decline in my health along with many other negatives. I thought that if I said many times over and over that I didn't want children then I would start believing it.  After 5 years of a wonderful marriage, my heart just longed for a child.  We prayed for a miracle, and for God to bless us with a child.  It was not an easy process but people with CF have never been known to give up! After 32 longs weeks, our bundle of joy arrived HEALTHY!!!!! These have been wonderful years.  I tuck him in each night with a hug and a kiss along with saying our prayers.  Each night, I go back in his room after he falls asleep and kiss him on his forehead.  Each night,  I look to God and thank him for allowing me to be a mom!! He is the beat in my heart and the light in my day.  He has the sweetest hugs and kisses.  I know that because I have CF, I realized how special each day is.  I can honestly say that I live each day as my last.  My heart is so open to my son.  As I am writing this, he has asked me to come make cookies with I must end this and get those cookies going!!!
I love being a MOM and WIFE!!!  It sure is easy when you have the best son and husband in the world!!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your miracle son! His birthday is just one day after mine :)

    I hope you are feeling good!! Looking forward to keeping up with your blog!