Friday, May 6, 2011

First Transplant Evaluation Test

I came back in the hospital on Monday.  I was on the sick road to nowhere so I decided to detour to the hospital early.  My PFT's were 50/35.  I still had a little room for sickness, but glad I came on in.  

Today, we started my first transplant tests.  I have already had at least 16 tubes of blood drawn.  I have had x-rays of my chest and sinuses.  I also had a sonogram of my abdomen this afternoon.  All I have left for today is a TB test.  So far, nothing to it....I may eat those words later on next week. 

Thank You LORD for facetime......I have been able to see and talk to G.I. Joe and Skywalker every morning and every night.  It puts the biggest smile on my face to see them.  Skywalker likes to walk around the house and show me everything.  He thinks it will make me feel like I am at home. 

 Skywalker got contacts today.  He was so excited.  He has never complained with his eyesight, but obviously he could not see according to the doctor.  He told me as soon as he left out of the office, "Mom, I sure have missed seeing a lot of things while I have been blind." He could not wait to go to the batting cage and hit some balls....or maybe that was his dad that was so excited...hmm.....

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