Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A-Z about ME :)

I borrowed this idea from a fellow Cyster.

A: Age-36

B: Best girlfriend: Mim

C: Chore I hate: Ironing

D: Dad's first name: Chubby

E: Easiest person to talk to- G.I. Joe

F: Favorite drink- Mello Yellow

G: Gold or Silver- Silver

H: Height- 5' 5"

I: Iphone- Holy Moly... YES..

J: Junk food- Gummy worms

K: Kids- Skywalker

L: Longest car ride- to Disney World

M: Make-up- Not really

N: Not a fan of- Laziness

O: One wish- To breathe easy

P: Place- The BEACH

Q: Quote from a movie- "You know why I married you?... so I can kiss you anytime I want." 
Sweet Home Alabama

R: Restaurants:  Bonefish or Bayou Bill's Crab house

S: Song I last listened to- I won't let go..Rascal Flatts

T: Time of the Year- Hands down SUMMER

U: Unknown fact about me- My ears are always clean

V: Vegetables I dislike- green beans, okra, red tomato

W: Worst habit- biting my nails

X: X-rays for a broken bone- Many bc I broke both arms at the same time when I was 12.

Y: Yummy food I make- homemade creamy corn, mashed potatoes and gravy

Z: Zoo favorite- Penguins 

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