Monday, March 7, 2011

Soul Mates

OK...So I decided to answer questions about G.I. Joe and our relationship.

How did you and your honey meet?
We ran into each other about 3 times before we actually talked.  I think we just stared at each other a lot.  We met at house fire through a mutual friend.  I asked him what had happened...and his first words to me.."Looks like something got pretty hot!"  So, I walked off thinking..not so sure I want to talk to him again.  But, he could not resist and he called that night and we have never stopped talking to each other.  When we returned home from our first date, I told my mom that night... "I'm going to marry him!!"

What is the thing that you love most about your marriage?
He is the lover of my soul.  He knows every little thing...flaws and all and still loves me.  He's my best friend.  He's got my back!  He's my number one fan.  He's the one person who I can completely be myself with, and that to me is the biggest gift in the whole world.  It's what marriage should be.

How long have you been married?
It will be 16 years in May.

About your husband?
He is the perfect fit for me.  He's all about the details...I'm not.  He works hard for us.  He loves our son  with all his heart.  He loves the Lord and strives to be the spiritual head of the home.  He cracks me up.  He has the most awesome hugs.   We view the world in the same way.  So fun to be able to see things eye to eye.  He's romantic and always makes a big deal about spoiling me for Christmas, Valentine's, our Anniversary etc...  And this is probably my favorite thing...he loves to surprise me to the extreme.  I love that he loves with everything in him.   He doesn't just coast through life never appreciating it.  He holds things close and knows that life is short.  He's my man and I don't know what I would do without him.  Oh and added bonus...he's pretty darn HOT too!  HE COMPLETES ME!

The lord has blessed me with a wonderful man.  My desire is to love & respect him and to raise Jace to see our love acted out on a daily basis.  
If you've been married for 15 years & maybe forgot all those wonderful things he does that drew you to him in the first place.  Do you remember when you first got engaged? How for days afterward, regardless of what you were wearing, you walked like a princess because the ring on your hand showed that you were well loved.... choose to remember that... Remind him of those things that you love about him... praise him in front of your children and to your friends...try to go to bed at the same time he does and  above all remember that tomorrow is not a promise, it's a luxurious gift that if it's given must be received with a grateful heart, appreciated & lived fully.

we lived happily ever after!!!

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