Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A long Club Med stay

So.. I should just have an UPDATE button.  It  would be much easier to do this more often, but where does my time go?

Well, I have now been in the hospital 2.5 weeks.  I have about a 1/2 of a week left.  This has been a long stay for me, but boy was I sick when I got here.  I had a sinus infection for a week and the stomach virus at home before I caved in and got admitted to Club Med.  After two weeks, I finally did my pft's (42/32) and they were in the bottom of the bucket somewhere.  I plan on doing them the end of this week, so I am praying for a bigger and stronger number.

This visit stirred a lot of questions about transplant.  We have talked a little about it and so I went to a pre-evaluation transplant class the other day.  It was full of helpful information, but  {{{GOSH}}} not so sure I am ready for this.  I do know I hate being "this" sick...and really I have farther to fall, but I would be scared too.  I keep thinking if I go and transplant before i get "TOO SICK" then it will help me recover sooner and stronger.  But, then I selling myself short on the lungs I have?? Could I get more out of them?

My CF friend Ashley got new lungs yesterday.!! Praise God.  I had just talked to her the day before and she told me she had been listed for 2 years.  She was ready for a family and to start her life.  Well, I can tell you...God was listening in on the conversation and what a blessing!!  

I am really missing Skywalker and G.I.Joe this week.  But, I have received some of the sweetest text messages from them.  It makes my heart smile :)  At night, Skywalker has decided if he will stay on the phone and talk, then he doesn't have to go to bed on time.  So...I am a sucker and we talk!!  We have plans for an awesome Spring Break.  Boy, we need it...lots of us time....hugs...kisses...laughs...and smiles!!! That is better than any dose of medicine for me.

Here lately I have cried out to Jesus so ofter...not always for what upsets me, though...I find myself "thanking" him for my life, my family, and my doctors.  So what if I have CF, what an amazing life it has given me....
NO love greater than the CROSS!!!

I have discovered that patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting." 
-Joyce Meyer

 I have so much and have beaten this disease in so many ways already...but I want more.

This is what I look forward to...

Maybe growing old is overrated? I still want it. Lord knows...we don't always get what we want. I guess there is always HOPE...

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