Friday, January 14, 2011

Not the adrenal gland??

When your at the end of your rope...tie a knot and hang on !! I am only able to hang on because God put glue on that rope for me......

The doctors have been working on some blood work lately and they believe we could have an answer.  I have been complaining...(very little...well ..I mentioned it one time) about feeling light headed in the energy (no..I'm really not lazy) low blood sugar....low blood pressure....can't tolerate cold weather.. very shaky (like from the inside out).  Come to find cortisol levels are they label me as having adrenal insufficiency or adrenal burnout.  So you ask??  What do you do for that???  If your like me, you google it 12 million times before the doctor comes in to  talk to you about it...haha...I am now going to take a small dose of
HYDROCORTISONE each day!!!!  are you kidding me.....STEROIDS>>>>>>>>>OH...Golly .. I DISLIKE that.!!!!  So I am was it worthing finding out what was wrong...or should I have just lived with it??  I really am hoping this is something that in time I can taper off of.  I am hopeful that I will start really feeling better.

 You always hear everyone say, "When it pours."  The Bunkers really need so many prayers to lift their family at this time.  He is in the hospital and they have found a mass on the frontal lobe of his brain.  I believe he will be having surgery on Monday.

Do you lift your eyes to the maker only in times of pain?  Do will lift your eyes daily? Do we only cry out when we have fear?   We never know what is ahead of us daily...We should call out daily to GOD.  He is waiting to hear from us daily.  I know I have alot of mountains ahead of me to climb.  What a blessing it is to know God wants to hear from ME!!!

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