Saturday, January 22, 2011

A week at Home

Days go by and I  {{{SCREAM}}} why????  I tell myself...I'm  really tired of this...Am I even living?  My answer..."nope"..I work  at this just to exist.  I get up to do breathing treatments, I follow that up by two IV's and then my blood sugar bottoms out.  I sit at home alone during the day counting my respirations, checking my pulse ox, looking to see just how blue my toes are, and then it's time for another breathing treatment.  Around and around I go, just to finish one treatment only to start another IV.

So after being home from the hospital 5 days, I have decided...This is the stuff that is getting to me lately.  God puts it in front of me so that I can realize how blessed I am.  I am here, RIGHT!!  I have a purpose. So I know God is no where finished with me, yet!  So. I have decided, I am letting go..a leap of faith...GOD..TAKE CONTROL OF IT ALL!!
I am not in this alone. I have a son with the grandest heart. he loves me!!  My husband...absolutely is amazing.  I have a wonderful family and some of the greatest friends!  Being sick is NOT the end of the world!

Remember, THINK BIG for God is big, don’t be scare to START SMALL in your faith and GO DEEP in it. God alone can move the ‘mountain’ in your life.  Daily he moves my mountains.  I know the days that my breaths seem so heavy, God always lightens them and my faith in him inspires a smile on my face.  

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