Monday, January 24, 2011

I miss my Friend

A Special Friendship was not made by jumping in the car and riding around..b/c I never saw Summer outside the hospital. It was not made by hugs and high-fives...b/c Summer and I were not allowed to touch each other. It was not made b/c of outer beauty...b/c Summer and I always had masks covering our faces when we saw each other. This friendship was different

We called to talk about our O2 sats, our wheezes, and always about how we felt. We talked about how God blessed us with our amazing children...(that we NEVER thought we would have..) We talked about our husbands that sacrificed many things because they wanted to take care of us. This friendship was about God giving each of us one more more breath.. This friendship was based on one of us pulling the other one along on the days that we had a bad attitude about being sick. Today, God is carrying me in his arms because I am missing you pulling me along...
Summer, You were an inspiration to me...Love Always....

Written Jan 6th, 2011

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